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>>1858 Rajput thakur
Subjectthakur lord, prince
Culture: Rajput
Setting: British Raj, north India mid-19th-early 20thc

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* Allen & Dwivedi 1984 p87 (quoting Muzaffer Khan on Palanpur)
"It must have been dramatic, that change.  In Rajputana and Gujerat, all along the Western coast and in the North almost overnight there was this change, between one generation and another, from being very traditional Indians to wearing suits, playing cricket and going dancing, eating Western food and pick-sticking.  In my grandfather's case it happened almost overnight when his father died and he had the opportunity to set about constructing a Western as opposed to a traditional Indian house.  He started wearing Western clothes and Western cooks were called in to train up the local cooks.  All these things happened in a relatively short space of time, a span of five years, in which they moved up a hundred years."

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