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>>1857 Masai moran
Subjectmoran warrior
Culture: Masai
Setting: tribal warfare, east Africa early-mid 19thc.
Objecteremet sero 'black spear'

​American Museum of Natural History > Hall of African Peoples *
"Ornaments of the Masai herder [...] Spear."

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​* Las Vegas Natural History Museum
"The brown shaft on this Masai spear indicates it belongs to a young warrior.  Spears belonging to elders have black shafts.  The hash marks are a form of ownership identification."

* Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art > Weapons and Warriors: The Art of Armaments
"Masai Spear with Blood Grooves
metal, wood"  ...
"Nanda [sic] Lion Spear
metal, wood" ...

​* Harber Wildlife Museum