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>>1855 Mishmi gam
Subjectgam chief
Culture: Mishmi
Setting: border raiding, Assam/northeast India 19thc

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)

* Edgerton 1968 p85-86  
"'The Mishmis are traders, and rich in the possession of large herds of cattle.  [...]
"The Mishmis,,' writes Dr. Griffith, 'also carry cross-bows.  The arrows for the latter are short, made of bamboo, and on serious occasions are poisoned with 'bee.'  On fighting expeditions, they carry leather shields covered towards the centre with the quills of the porcupine.  Their lances are made use of only for thrusting; the shafts are made from the wood of the 'lawn.'  They are tipped with an iron spike, used in the ascent of hills.  The lance heads are of their own manufacture, and of very soft iron.'"  [CONTRA Edgerton 1968 p85]


* Edgerton 1968 p85
"Their headdress is sometimes a fur cap, sometimes a wicker helmet."

*Heath/Perry 1999 p45
"Head-dress comprised either a large fur cap or a wicker helmet."


* Heath/Perry 1999 p44
"Mishmi chiefs, or gams, wore Tibetan woolen coats, generally dyed deep red, sometimes 'ornamented with white spots, which are preserved from the action of the dye by tying.'"


* Heath/Perry 1999 p44-45
"Bow and dao were characteristic weapons, though chiefs frequently substituted a straight Tibetan sword for the latter."

* Edgerton 1968 p85
"Besides the dao the Mishmi carries several knives and daggers, and a very neat light spear, with head of well-tempered finely wrought steel [CONTRA Edgerton 1968 p85-86] attached to a long thin polished shaft."