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>Costume Studies
>>1851 Blackfoot warrior

Subject: warrior
Culture: Blackfeet, Piegan, Blood
Setting: Blackfoot Confederacy, northern Great Plains late 18-19thc
Object: costume > leggings

* Royal Ontario Museum > Canada -- First Peoples
"Bonnet porté par le chef de la danse de l'Herbe sacrée
Comes, peaux de belette
Pied-noir, v. 1900 (Alberta) ..."

"Chemise de cérémonie imprégnée de pouvoirs surnaturels
Pied-noir, v. 1880 (Alberta) ..."

"Jambières garnies de belette, symboles de guerre (queue de belette) et piste de gure (scalp)
Pied-noir (Alberta) v. 1880 ..."

"Mocassins à perlage à incrustations et en point lane
Pied-noir, v. 1880 (Alberta) ..."

* Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology > Change and Continuity - Hall of the North American Indian
"Leggings (Blackfoot)
Deerskin leggings were held in place by attaching the leather straps to a belt around the waist.  Typical Blackfoot features are the painted black stripes on the yellow background and the use of the small square element in the bead design to created stepped triangles and crosses.  Further decoration is provided by ermine skin streamers wrapped with woven red wool at the base, as well as the addition of brass bells.  According to museum records, these leggings were bought from Chief Curley Gear at Glacier National Park in 1916. .."