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>Costume Studies
>>1846 Fijian koroi
Subjectkoroi 'killer'
Culture: Fijian
Setting: tribal warfare, Fiji late 18th-mid 19thc
Objecttotokia 'pecker'/'beaked' club

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology > Pacific Islands Hall *
"Club  The history of the Fiji Islands is one of persistent and widespread tribal warfare. War dominated the interests and lives of people, and it is not surprising that Fijian craftsmen were highly specialized in the manufacture of weapons.  Many clubs derived their form from nature.  This type of club, commonly called battle hammer or 'pineapple club', actually represents the fruit of the pandanus tree.  It was designed to punch a hole in the skull of the victim.  The clubs were often buried with chiefs and warriors, accompanying them on their journey to the afterworld." ...

* Tropenmuseum > Nieuw-Guinea
"Knotsen  Hout vilt, plantaardige vezels.  Nieuw-Caledonië.  Fiji, Melanesië.  Eind 19de eeuw."

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Metropolitan Museum of Art > Oceania *
"Battle Hammer (Totokia)
Fiji, 19th century Wood" ...