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>>1845 Chechen murid
Subjectmurid, mourtazek warrior
Culture: Chechen, Dagesh, Circassian
Setting: Caucasian wars, north Caucasus 1834-1864
Objecttapcha pistol

* Gunderson Militaria
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* Metropolitan Museum of Art > Stone Gallery of Arms and Armor
"Miquelet Pistol  Steel, wood, silver, niello  Caucasian, early 19th century"
"Miquelet Pistol  Steel, silver, niello, leather, ivory, gold  Caucasian, dated 1846/47  The barrel is signed in both Russian and Arabic by the maker.  This suggests that the pistol was made in Tiflis, which was then under Russian control.  The other major armsmaking center in the Caucasus, the village of Kubatchi in Dagestan, did not fall under Russian domination until the 1860s."
"Percussion Pistol  Steel, silver, gold, niello  Caucasian, mid-19th century, barrel dated 1792"

* Museo de América > El Conocimiento de América