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>Costume Studies
>>1842 Afghan jailumi
Subject: jailumi 'champion' tribal warrior
Culture: Pathan / Pashtun Afghan
Setting: tribal / border warfare, Afghanistan 19thc
Objectkarud, churra khyber sword

​Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery *
​"Dagger (chura)  Afghan, early 19th century  This dagger, with grips of stained ivory, is a typical example of a chura or 'Khyber knife'.
  It is said that in the hands of a strong assailant this knife could disembowel an opponent in a single movement.
  Although Afghan in origin, many such weapons were in circulation among Indians civilians in the Mutiny." ....

* Ashoka Arts
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* Higgins Armory Museum > Scimitars to Samurai: Arms and Armor Around the Globe
"Karud (long knife), 1800s  Afghanistan  
Steel; elephant ivory; silver  Weight: 1lb. 10 oz."  ...

* American Museum of Natural History > Stout Hall of Asian Peoples

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​* Global Craftifacts
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