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>Costume Studies
>>1837 Omani slaver
Subject: slave raider/trader
Culture: Omani Arab
Setting: Al Bu Saidi sultanate, Oman/Zanzibar 19th-early 20thc
Objectخنجر‎ khanjar dagger

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​* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"Dagger (khanjar Arabian, possibly Muscat or Oman, 19th century  
Omani khanjars are traditionally carried on a belt, decorated in silver like the dagger, and permanently attached to the scabbard by a complex of silver wires, loops and knops." ...

Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery *
"Daggers (khanjar)  Arabian, Oman, early 19th century  
The most numerous of the Arabian daggers are those from Oman.  They are characterised by lavish use of silver, both wire and filigree, in their decoration.  Others have wooden hilts decorated in gold, on this example with gold coins." ...

​* George W.Bush Presidential Library & Museum
"Dagger, Saudi Arabia   Dagger with gold sheath and hilt, adorned with diamonds.
  Presented by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia during a visit to Prairie Chapel Ranch."