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>Costume Studies
>>1833 Sumatran panggau

Subject: panggau warrior
Culture: Sumatran Malay
Setting: Jambi, Palembang Sultanates, eastern Sumatra/Lampong  19thc


* Draeger 1972 p122
"The Lampong are governed in a feudal way by appointed leaders.  The panggau, or 'warrior,' is a superior and has arbitrary authority over the people."


* Edgerton 1995 p97
"The Malays use a straight sword, a chopper, a modification of the 'dao,' and several kinds of knives, as well as the 'kris,' which is more suitable for use in 'running a muck' than in war."

Stiletto Dagger

* Edgerton 1995 p97
"In Sumatra, a long thin stiletto-like blade is used, such as was taken from a chief killed by the Dutch in 1837."

Krisses (Keris Bahari, Keris Panjang)

* Draeger 1972 p125
"[T]he kris in Sumatra is of two types, the kris pangang and the kris bahari.  The former is a long, rapierlike blade, flat and narrow, often exhibiting a raised rib running the length of the blade's midline axis.  Its handle is decorative and most commonly made out of horn or ivory.  The kris bahari is what may loosely be described as a large variety of the Javanese kris pichit."