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>>1830 Nias siulu
Subjectsiulu / salawa chief
Culture: Ono Niha
Setting: slave raiding, tribal warfare, Nias 19thc
Object: shields


* Stone 1934 p89
"BALUSE.  The Nias shield.  It is a narrow, oval shield with a central boss covering the hand hole and a heavy rib that projects beyond the ends.  It is made of a single piece of wood and is strengthened by transverse lashings of cane."

* van Zonneveld 2001 p30
"BALUSE  [BALOESE]  NIAS  An oval, leaf-shaped wooden shield.  Its lower side ends in a solid long round extension with a rounded end or sometimes with a slight point.  The upper part has a number of shallow notches on both sides and tapers towards a short flat extension.  From the top downwards there runs a raised rib interrupted in about the centre by an oval or round knob.  On the inside of the baluse, the hilt and a space for the hand have been cut out.  This shield is made of a single piece of wood often decorated or strengthened with horizontal cords of rattan serving to prevent it from splitting lengthways when struck by an unfriendly sword.  Its surface is usually undecorated, but may have intricately carved images or painted motifs."  [references omitted]


* van Zonneveld 2001 p41
"DANGE  [DAGNE, DAUGHI]  NIAS  A long, hexagonal wooden shield in the shape of the kliau of Kalimantan.  The long sides run parallel, the upper and lower sides taper slantingly to a blunt point.  This shield has two handles located above each other, across the longitudinal axis.  The length is c.150-160 cm, the width c.30-40 cm.  It weighs c.4-6 kg.  It can be covered with leather or bark and decorated with a stylised human face, geometrical figures or other motifs."  [references omitted]