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>>1830 Nias siulu
Subjectsiulu / salawa chief
Culture: Ono Niha
Setting: slave raiding, tribal warfare, Nias 19thc
Objectkalabubu necklace

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Dallas Museum of Art > Pacific Islands *
"Necklace (kalabubu)  Indonesia: Nias Island  19th century  Wood, gold, gold leaf, and brass (?) ...
This circular necklace, called a kalabubu, has the bold form and refined detail that distinguishes Nias goldwork.  Diamond-shaped cuts in the gold foil reveal the dark polished-wood core.  Delicately engraved triangles give texture to the burnished surface of the gold.  This is a highly unusual example since most kalabubu are made of coconut shell discs.  A kalabubu symbolized prestige and success for the Nias headhunter."