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>>1829 Kurdish şervan

Subjectşervan tribal warrior
Culture: Kurdish
Setting: late Ottoman empire, Kurdistan 18th-mid 19thc

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources,Secondary Sources, Field Notes)

* Baer 2021 p371
"The Kurds, because they stood at the frontier with the rival Safavid and then Qajar empire in neighbouring Iran, had for centuries been largely tolerated and given autonomy by the [Ottoman] empire.  Local chiefs and princes had been granted authority to rule so long as they recognised the sultan as sovereign and contributed their armed forces to his military campaigns.  Left largely to their own devices, the Kurds were dominated by autonomous princes, ruling landlord families, their peasant clients (tribes or confederations), and religious leaders (Sufi sheikhs)."

* Nicolle/McBride 1998 p


​* Nicolle/McBride 1998 p