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>Costume Studies
>>1825 Javanese 'alim
>>>keris dagger
Subject: 'alim rebel cleric
Culture: Javanese
Setting: Java War, colonial resistance, Mataram 19thc
Objectkeris dagger

​Fort Worth Museum of Science and History > Transformation of Weaponry *
"Javanese Kris  Indonesia 
ca. 1880 Steel and Wood"

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* American Museum of Natural History > Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples

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* Tropenmuseum > Nederlands-Indië 
"Vorstelijke kris  IJzer, nikkel, goud, diamanten, email.  Yogyakarta, Midden-Java, Indonesië, 19de eeuw."

* Tropenmuseum > Zuidoost Azië
"Kris met wajangfiguur 
IJzer, hout.  Midden-Java, Indonesië.  Iste helft 20ste eeuw."

* Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology > Pacific Islands Hall
"Knife, kris  tortoise shell, wood, iron, tin, ivory  Indonesia, Java
Knives, kris, are owned by almost all Javanese men.  The shape and style of the blade and the grip of the kris indicate the owner's rank.  The kris is worn for important occasions."  ...

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​* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"Sword (kris)  Javanese, 18th century
The pendok is of topengen form, of gold embossed with the 'Bali demon' motif at the top.  
The blade is simple and elegant, with a wonderful pamor."

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​* PostVorta
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cf. 1746 Javanese pendekar dagger keris, *