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>>1825 Vanuatu warrior

Subject: warrior
Culture: Vanuatu
Setting: New Hebrides 19thc

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)




* Racinet 1988 p44 f19
"A New Hebridean warrior, with a wooden helmet whose visor has a human face painted on it. This mask opens at the level of the mouth and ends in the form of a beard. His chest is covered with a decoration of plaited bulrushes, from which hang three pendants made from teeth. His spear is heavily spiked with barbs made from human bones."


* Pitt-Rivers Museum online > Arm guard (1884.15.108)
"Traditional hunting or war bows from Vanuatu were self-bows (made of one material) of mangrove or palm-wood, 150-200cm long, with a curved form. Arrows were made of a sturdy grass and tipped with either barbed bone points for land animals or warfare, or carved wooden knobs for stunning large birds. Lighter arrows made from the midribs of palm leaves were used for shooting small birds".