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>Costume Studies
>>1818 Zulu induna
Subjectinduna chief
Culture: Zulu
Setting: Zulu empire, Natal 19thc
Objectiwisa 'knobkerrie' club / staff

* Metropolitan Museum of Art > African Art
"Three Staffs  
South Africa, Swaziland, or Mozambique; 
Zulu, Swazi, or Tsonga peoples  
19th-20th century  

​American Museum of Natural History > Hall of African Peoples *

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​Kimbell Art Museum > The Language of Beauty in African Art *
"Snuff Kerrie (WALL)  19th century  Zulu; South Africa  Wood, pigment, horn, and metal"  ...

"Snuff Kerrie (DECK)  19th century  Probably Northern Nguni; South Africa  Wood and pigment" ...