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>>1807 Maori ariki
>>>long clubs
Subjectariki / rangatira warrior chief
Culture: Maori
Setting: Musket Wars, Aotearoa / North Island 1807-1830
Objecttaiaha long club / sword

* Hunterian Museum

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​National Museum of Ireland -- Decorative Arts and History > Soldiers and Chiefs: The Irish at War at Home and Abroad since 1550 *
"Maori staff  Though such staffs were occasionally used as weapons,
 the elaborate decoration on this one suggests its primary role as a ceremonial object.
  This one was brought back from New Zealand after the Maori Wars (1860-66) by an Irish officer of the 57th (Middlesex) Regiment.
Maori Ceremonial Staff (haui or taiho)" ...

​* Gladsheim Armoury
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​Hollow Earth Swordworks *
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