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>>1799 Sikh ghorchurra
Subjectghorchurra sardar armored cavalry
Culture: Sikh Punjabi
Setting: Sikh empire, Punjab late 18th-mid 19thc
Objectkard knife

​* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"Dagger (kard)  Indian, probably Lahore, 18th century  This kard has the beautiful watered steel blade characteristic of the best Lahori weapons.  The hilt is of jade with a pommel of agate.  The scabbard is of jade with a pommel of agate.  The scabbard is covered with printed cotton forming a spiral pattern and has an ivory chape."
"Knife (kard)  Indian, Lahore, early 19th century  The straight watered steel blade on this dagger has a curved cutting edge.  The hilt is of jade, cylindrical and carved in a fluted spiral.  The moulded quillon block is of gilt copper alloy."
"Knife (kard)  Indian, Lahore, early 19th century.  The hilt is of jade set with a piece of red glass on the pommel and decorated with a band of foliage inlaid in gold wire around the pommel.  The wooden scabbard is covered with red velvet and is fitted with a silver gilt locket and chape."