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>Costume Studies
>>1786 Qajar cavalry
Subject: irregular armored cavalryman
Culture: Turco-Iranian
Setting: civil war, Zand-Qajar Persia mid-late 18thc
Objectشمشیر‎‎ shamshīr saber
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"Sword (shamshir)  Persian, 18th century  Blade signed Asad Allah of Isfahan  This sword has a blade of watered steel, and bears the signature of a famous swordmaker.  Many blades are known with this signature, from different periods.  Not all could have been made by the original maker, but such was the quality of his work that the signature became a mark of excellence." ...

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​* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"Sword (shamshir)  Persian, 18th century  This sword has a curved, triple-fullered blade made of watered steel,
 designed for slashing and cutting with no piercing point. It has a two-piece ivory grip, and the scabbard still has its original tassels." ...