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>>1783 Sindi alighol
Subjectalighol warrior
Culture: Sindi
Setting: Sindh 18-19thc
Object: armor

* Metropolitan Museum of Art > Stone Gallery of Arms and Armor
"Armor  Steel, brass  Indian (Sind), late 18th-early 19th century
This distinctive armor, constructed of mail and steel plates decorated with embossed brass plaques, is thought to come from Sind, now a province of southern Pakistan.  The region was ruled by mirs of the Talpur family from 1783 until 1843, when it was taken over by the British." ...

Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery *
"Mail and plate armour  Indian, Sind, 18th century
Comprising helmet, shirt, trousers, and shoes, all are constructed from plates joined by mail.  The helmet has a full-face mail aventail with openings for the eyes and mouth, and has its original padded lining.
"All the plates are of iron, with decorative pierced borders of copper alloys.  Those of the helmet have complete coverings of copper alloy decorated with embossed and chiselled foliage.
"The mail and plate leg defences are associated, but from another similar armour.  Their plates are of iron, decorated with very fine floral ornament in gold overlay.  The shoes are of leather covered in alternate copper alloy and iron scales joined by nails." ...​