Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
>>1776 Anglo-Am. gentleman
Subject: gentleman officer
Culture: Colonial-Revolutionary Anglo-American
Setting: 13 Colonies, American Revolution, North America 18thc
Object: spectacles / eyeglasses

* Williamsburg Clothiers of Virginia
>Revolutionary City 2008Fort Worth's Fourth 2012

* Old State House Museum
"Gawen Brown Spectacles  c. 1740  Glass, iron ...  
These spectacles were worn by Gawen Brown, a clock and watchmaker, whose shop was on King Street in the 18th century.  Brown was one of the few clockmakers in pre-Revolutionary Massachusetts, as most clocks were imported from England. ..."
Virginia Historical Society *
"Patrick Henry's spectacles, perhaps the very ones shown pushed up over his brow in the portrait above." ...

Yorktown Victory Center *
"Spectacles, British, c. 1750, iron and glass.  On September 18, 1777, while in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Patten wrote in his diary, 'I bot a pair of specticles for which i paid a Dollar..."