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>Costume Studies
>>1775 Royal Ethiopian
Subject: Royal Ethiopian irregular infantry
Culture: Afro-British freedman
Setting: American Revolution, eastern America 1775-1781
Object: costume

* Virginia Historical Society > Sites and Stories -- African American History in Virginia
Historical marker in the City of Chesapeake
In the American Revolution, African Americans had to decide whether to believe the rhetoric of liberty employed by Virginia's patriot leaders -- mostly slave owners -- or the promise of Royal Governor Lord Dunmore to free slaves who would fight for King George III.  Dunmore organized escaped slaves into what he called the Royal Ethiopian Regiment.  There was no time for proper uniforms, but frocks reading 'Liberty to Slaves' were issued to them.  Dunmore's troops were defeated at the Battle of Great Bridge, and he and some of his black troops sailed away.  Later, some were resettled in Canada." ...