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>>1769 Mysore sawār
Subjectsawār cavalry
Culture: Kannada
Setting: Mysore sultanate, south India late 18thc
Object: armor

Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery *
"Mail and plate helmet (top)  Indian, Mughal, early 17th century
Constructed from riveted mail connecting shaped plates, it has a nasal bar with a large face defence.
  This helmet was still in use when it was taken at the siege of Seringapatam in 1799.
  Helmets of this type were worn by the heavy cavalry of Hyder Ali, Tipu's father."  ...

* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
​"Cuirass and helmet (peti)  Indian, Mysore, late 18th century  This armour is from the arsenal of Tipu Sultan.  Covered in red velvet and, embroidered with gold thread, and its lining is of blue and white cotton.  The cuirass fastens with a gold cord through brass loops at the front.  The helmet is secured at the base of the skull with a five-banded turban of green silk.  The neck defence is lined in blue silk brocade." ...

​* Universal Pictures
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