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>>1767 Span.-Am. militia capitán
Subject: militia capitán
Culture: Bourbon Spanish 
Setting: colonial warfare, New Spain interior provinces 18th-early19thc
Objectarmas de fuego firearms

* Bob Bullock Texas State Historical Museum > Identity
"Cavalry carbine, ca. 1790s ...  This rifle was first used by troops that served in the British army.  It was shortened into a cavalry carbine with the small 'o' over the 'M' stamped into the stock, and shares elements with the Baker rifles."
"British Paget cavalry carbine, ca. 1814 ...  This type of carbine, or short rifle, was carried by the Mexican cavalry in 1836.  It was manufactured by Allport of London and features a sliding bar safety on the lock.  The two rings on the left side were used for attaching a sling so that the carbine could be carried more comfortably."
"British Officers Baker rifle, pre-1809 ...  The Baker rifle was named for Ezekiel Baker, a British gun maker who made this type of rifle from February 1800 through September 1815."
"Mexican marked Brown Bess, ca. 1805 ...  The trigger guard is regimentally marked for the Mexican Army's 3rd Permanent infantry, also known as the Morelos Regiment.  The regiment was with General Cos during his Texas campaigns, including the battle of the Alamo.  This rifle was equipped with the bayonet that is displayed on the block to the left."
"British New Land Pattern, light infantry model musket, ca. 1810-1815 ...  From 1823-1835, the Mexican government had a contract with the British government to purchase these .70 caliber muskets.  The light infantry model musket succeeded the Brown Bess as the rifle of choice for the Mexican Army."