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>>1766 Nayar velichapāḍu
Subjectvelichapāḍu priest / medium
Culture: Nayar/Malayali
Setting: temple divination, Malabar/Kerala 18thc and later
Object: swords


* Elgood 2004 p233-234
"Arivāḷ/vāḷ  (Tamil)  There appear to be at least two forms of cutting implement known by this name.  The Malabar type has the early khaṇḍa hilt form and a blade straight for two-thirds of its length from the hilt and then sickle-shaped.  The sword has been classified since the nineteenth century as 'a Malabar temple sword' due to its continued use there.  It is the sword of the goddess Bhadrakālī carried by the vēlichapāḍu who officiates in the ritual.  Pepita Seth, an expert on the present-day Kerala temple ritual, says that it is not seen south of Malabar."


* Elgood 2004 p255-256
"Nandaka  Vishṇu's personal sword and also by extension the specific form of sword with jingles carried by Nāyars during processions in honour of the goddess Bhagavatī, Malabar."