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>>1751 Rajput zamindar
Subjectज़मींदार zamīndār noble
Culture: Rajput
Setting: Maratha wars / late Mughal empire, Hindustan 18th-early 19thc
Objectdhal shield

Museu Oriente *
"ESCUDOS HINDUS (DHAL) (DOIS)  Índia (Rajastão?), século XVII-XVIII  Bronze, couro, cobre e algodão ...
A concepção destas peças envolvia vários artesãos, desde o armeiro que moldava o metal ao trabalhador do couro
 que preparava 
  O estilo remete-nos para a herança islâmcia da corte mogol."

* Curious House
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* Metropolitan Museum of Art > Stone Gallery of Arms and Armor
"Shield  Leather, translucent lacquer over gold leaf, silver
Indian, Mughal period, about 1800 ..."

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event photos

Curious House *

* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"Pistol shield  Indian, Rajasthan, mid 19th century  "The four pistols built into this shield are discharged two at a time through the bosses on the front of the shield, the muzzle covers manually lifted first.  The percussion system is mounted inside the shield where the knuckle pad would normally be, and is fired by means of two triggers.  The shield was made in the arsenal of the Rajah of Kola." ...

Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery *
"Shield (dhal)  North Indian, 18th century  Made of leather, it bears traces of lacquered decoration in gold.
  It has four bosses decorated in gold koftgari with silver rosette washers." ...

* Royal Armouries Museum > War Gallery
"Shield (dhal)  
North Indian early 19th century."