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>>1751 Rajput zamindar
>>>>pesh kabz
Subjectज़मींदार zamīndār noble
Culture: Rajput
Setting: Maratha wars / late Mughal empire, Hindustan 18th-early 19thc
Objectpesh kabz 'foregrip' dagger

​Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery *
"Dagger  Indian, Rajasthan, early 19th century  This dagger was identified when purchased as a product of Rajasthan,
 but is closely related in form to a group of Burmese daggers.  The hilt is horn and the mounts are silver." ...
"Dagger (peshkabz Indian, Gwalior, early 19th century  This peshkabz has ivory grips and has fine koftgari work in gold on the iron bolster.
  The T-section blade has a slight recurve.  The scabbard is of embossed leather." ...

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​* Royal Armouries Museum > Oriental Gallery
"Dagger (peshkabz)  Indian, Rajasthan, early 19th century  The hilt of this peshkabz is hollow and is accessed by unscrewing the top swivel. It could have been used to carry messages, jewels, or medicine. The decoration on the hilt and scabbard is in gold." ...