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>>1751 Rajput zamindar

Subjectज़मींदार zamīndār noble
Culture: Rajput
Setting: Maratha wars / late Mughal empire, Hindustan 18th-early 19thc

Event Photos

* Bennett 1998 p304
​"swayamvara (Sanskrit 'maiden's choice')  Rajput custom that allowed a princess to choose her own husband from noble suitors assembled at her father's court.
    "The event was marked by displays of martial prowess, archery contests, and skill-at-arms competitions, accompanied by feasting and other entertainments, at the conclusion of which the princess threw her garland over the favoured suitor.  Attendance at the ceremony implied that the suitor accepted the overlordship of the princess's father."

Primary Sources

​* Elgood 2015 p11
"Mughal miniatures show the Rajput adoption of the asa shamshir and a curved saber at the waist. However, in personal portraits the Rajputs maintained their traditional arms: broadsword blades with substantial tulwar hilts -- the pommel disk considerably larger than the usual Mughal type -- and very long katars."

Secondary Sources


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