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>Costume Studies
>>1714 Caribbean pirate
Subject: pirate
Culture: colonial English
Setting: Golden Age of Piracy, Caribbean/Atlantic 1714-1722
Object: guns (various)


* Konstam/McBride 1998 p12
"Pistols were the most popular firearms simply because they were so compact.  Edward Teach ('Blackbeard') is reported to have carried three pairs of pistols, as well as a sword and a knife, and others carried pistols tied with silk cords to prevent them being dropped overboard during the fight.  A pistol recovered from the wreck of Samuel Bellamy's pirate ship Whydah wrecked in 1717 was wrapped in its own long red silk looped ribbon."


* Breverton 2004 p22
"The blunderbuss was a close range, devastating weapon, a large shot rifle, superseded by the musketoon of 1758.  This so-called 'thunder gun' was a huge shotgun with the firepower of a small cannon.  There was a 2-inch bore which fanned out to a funnel shape at the end of the barrel, which was supposed to help spread the pellets over a wider area.  This long hand-gun, about half the length of a musket, was so powerful that it had to be held away from the body -- the recoil would knock a pirate over.  Alternatively, it was held against the hip, and used for boarding-parties and personal defence."

* Konstam/McBride 1998 p12
"[B]lunderbusses were more popular [than full-size military muskets], firing a blast of scrap-iron and nails into the face of the enemy."