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>>1702 Edo samurai
Subjectsamurai warrior
Culture: Japanese
Setting: Edo period, Japan 17th-mid 19thc
Object: 槍 yari, なぎなた, 薙刀 naginata spears

* Harwood International > Samurai Collection
"Yari (spear)  Late Edo period, 19th century  Iron, aogai (crushed mother of pearl), wood ...
Spears (yari) have a long history in Japan and even play a part in the country's creation myth.  Foot soldiers known as ashigaru usually carried spears with double-sided blades which were not thrown but used in thrusting motions during combat."

* Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art > Weapons and Warriors
"Japanese Lance  metal, wood" ...

"Japanese Spear  wood, metal" ...

"Japanese Lance  wood, metal" ...

"Japanese Lance  wood, metal" ...