Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
>>1697 Yucatec holkan
>>>>primary sources
Subjectnakom captain of holkan mercenaries
Culture: Yucatec Mayan
Setting: late post-classical period, Yucatan/Guatemala 1441-1704

* Perot Museum of Nature and Science > Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed
"Figurines: warriors, women with cloth, crocodiles, sharks, snakes and jaguars
​Late Postclassic (AD 1350-1530)  
Structure 183, Santa Rita Corozal, Belize  
Pottery  ...  Muluc-year ceremonies often featured similar figures: warriors, women with cloth-covered faces and animals that could move between worlds.  These are part of a group of four sets of figurines, 28 in all, that archaeologists found inside a large urn."