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>Costume Studies
>>1635 English harquebusier
Subject: 'Ironside' harquebusier
Culture: Stuart, Puritan English
Setting: Stuart dynasty, England 17thc
Object: armor

Leeds City Museum > Story of Leeds*
"'Lobster-tailed' helmet  1640-1650, a worn by Oliver Cromwell's Parliamentary troops"
​"Breastplate  1640-1650, of the type worn by Cromwell's troops"
"Canon [SIC] ball  Found near King Lane, Moortown, Leeds" ...

* Royal Armouries Museum > War Gallery
​"Armour  English, about 1660  This armour was made for a light cavalryman, or harquebusier.  
The quality of the armour means that it was probably made for an officer.
    "The helmet, breast-plate and back-plate (the cuirass) and elbow gauntlets were shot-proof.  
The buff coat worn underneath could resist sword cuts.  The harquebusier would have been armed with a sword, 
a pair of pistols and a short gun known as a harquebus.
    "This armour is composed of various pieces of the same period and style." ....