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>>1578 Tibetan zimchongpa
Subjectgzim sbyong pa / zimchongpa heavy infantryman
Culture: Tibetan
Setting: Tibet 14-17thc
Object: sword

* Museum of Fine Arts
"Ritual Sword (khadga) and Scabbard  Tibet or China, early 14th century
Inscribed with mantras in Sanskrit, Newari script  Iron, crocodile skin, gold, silver, coral, glass, lapis lazuli" ...

* Metropolitan Museum of Art > Stone Gallery of Arms and Armor
"Sword  Tibetan or Chinese, 14th-16th century  Iron, gold, and silver ...
This sword is one of the finest of a small group of rare early swords from Tibet.  The hilt, including its grip, is made entirely of iron that has been embossed, chiseled, and then damascened in gold and silver.  The guard, just below the grip, takes the form of a stylized mask with teeth and fangs, probably representing a protective diety or guardian figure.  Straight double-edged blades of this type are more often seen on Chinese swords but were also used in Tibet."
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