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>>1573 Irish ceithernach

Subject: ceithernach 'kern' light infantry skirmisher
Culture: Gaelic Irish
Setting: Ireland 15-17thc
Object: costume = ionar jacket, leine shirt

* Beirbuadh
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​National Museum of Ireland -- Decorative Arts and History > Soldiers and Chiefs: The Irish at War at Home and Abroad since 1550 *
"IRISH MUSKETEER, 1598  This soldier carries a light 'caliver' musket, a little less cumbersome than the standard weapon of the time.
  He is touching the lit match against the gunpowder in the pan, which will fire the weapon.
  His dress is traditionally Irish, but he wears a tall Morion helmet for protection, and carries a supply of gunpowder in the flask at his side."

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