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>Costume Studies
>>1541 Algerian pirate
Subject: pirate
Culture: Turco-Algerian / Barbary Coast 
Setting: Mediterranean 16-17thc

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)


* Rosenthal/Jones 2008 p457-458 (Cesare Vecellio, writing in 1590)
"CLOTHING OF A TURKISH PIRATE  The behavior of the Turkish pirate is tyrannical, rapacious and violent. And many historians say in particular that this overwhelming army of pirates had is beginning at the time of Alexander the Great in the East ....  [...]
    "Few words are needed to describe their clothing.  It is comfortable and well suited to working on board ships.  As far as the overgarment goes, it resembles that of the Turks, but has a wide bavero and long, full sleeves.  Their caps are of red wool and so is most of their overgarment.  Their stockings are of various colors, but mostly made of wool.  Then they wear a burricchetto, belted with a striped sash over their camicia, which hangs outside their bracche like a pleated skirt or apron and has wide, hanging sleeves of very thin linen.  The rest of their attire is similar to that of the Turks', though different sorts of men wear this style of dress.  But it is usually worn by people who live by the sea, and also by prosperous men and other soldiers."