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>>1526 Ottoman sipahi
Subjectbeylerbey commander of sipahi knights 
Culture: Ottoman Turk
Setting: imperial warfare, Eastern Europe / Middle East 1514-1576
Objecthançer dagger

* Metropolitan Museum of Art > Stone Gallery of Arms and Armor
"Dagger  Steel, damascened with gold  Blade: Turkish, Ottoman period, mid-16th century  Hilt and scabbard: European, 16th century
​Near Eastern blades were highly valued in Europe, and many fine examples were exported and mounted with European hilts.  In this example, the Ottoman blade has been fitted with a hilt and scabbard damascened with gold arabesques of oriental inspiration.  The blade is inscribed in Persian (one of the languages of the Ottoman court):
It is a dagger since it attempted [to take] the life of the unfaithful lover.  My Turk took it [wrapped in gold] and bound it to his sash."

* Metropolitan Museum of Art > Stone Gallery of Arms and Armor
Steel, damascened with gold, silver-gilt, ivory
Grip and blade: Turkish, Ottoman period, 16th century
Guard: Turkish, Ottoman period, hallmarked for 1774-89
The green-stained ivory grip is carved with a delicacy that recalls many ivory objects made for the Ottoman court.  The blade is inscribed in Turkish and Persian (the languages used at the Ottoman court):
I besought a drink of water from your trenchant dagger, what if but once you should let me drink, what would you lose?  If I thirst, his dagger is not laid down."

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