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>Costume Studies
>>1526 Ottoman sipahi
Subjectbeylerbey commander of sipahi knights 
Culture: Ottoman Turk
Setting: imperial warfare, Ottoman empire 16-17thc

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* Rosenthal & Jones 2008 p447 (Cesare Vecellio, writing in 1590)
"Nothing about the Turks causes such wonder as the speed of these Beglierbei in warfare, for they are quick to face danger and to obey their commanders, especially their Lord.  They swim across deep rivers, make their way over steep mountains, and march through difficult terrain, risking their lives in obedience to him.  They endure sleeplessness, hunger and thirst exceptionally well, and in battle they emit quavering shouts rather than any other cry.  At night they maintain such silence in their quarters that, if need be, they would rather let prisoners escape than make any noise in the camp.  It is claimed that they fight with greater military strategy than any other nation.  So it is no wonder that the empire of the Turks increases every day, and it can be truthfully said that this nation has been undefeated for almost two hundred years.  No soldier rides armed but has his weapons and baggage carried behind him.  Instead of banners they carry lances with variously colored threads hanging from them, which identify the captains." ... 

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​1. SJ Knives al-Ma'thur
2. SJ Knives al-Qadib