Forensic Fashion
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>Costume Studies
>>1526 Ottoman sipahi
>>>>body armor
Subjectbeylerbey commander of sipahi knights 
Culture: Ottoman Turk
Setting: imperial warfare, eastern Europe / Middle East 16-17thc
Object: body armor = korazin cuirass, zirih mail, kolluk vambrace

Metropolitan Museum of Art > Stone Gallery of Arms and Armor
"Portions of a Cuirass
Turkish, Ottoman period, about 1550-1600
"Armors with circular breastplates appeared in the Middle East in the late fifteenth century and were used by the Ottoman heavy cavalry throughout the sixteenth century.  This example has plates embossed with Koranic inscriptions that presumably served a talismanic purpose.  Portions of the backplate, covering the shoulder, are also preserved."

* Armeria Real

* Higgins Armory Museum > Scimitars to Samurai: Arms around the World
"Mail coat, perhaps 1550-1650
Probably Ottoman Turkey
Steel; brass alloy
Weight: 17lb. ...
Mail armor was used extensively in the late Roman Empire, aned adopted by Islamic armies as one of their chief forms of defense.  The rings on this coat are stamped with the names Allah, Muhammand, Ali, Fatimah, Hassan, and Hussain.  Ali was the founding figure of Shi'ite Islam; he was married to Muhammad's daughter Fatimah, and their sons were Hussain and Hassan.  These founding figures of Islam are especially important to Shi'ites, but are revered throughout the Islamic world."