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>Costume Studies
>>1525 German Landsknecht
SubjectLandsknecht mercenary infantry
Culture: Imperial German
Setting: Holy Roman Empire, Germany/Italy 16th-mid 17thc
Object: armor

* Royal Ontario Museum > Arms & Armor
"Calotte de fer 
Italie ou allemgne méridionale, vers 1530. ...  Les lansquenets allemands portaient des casques de ce genre au début du XVIe siècle."

* Royal Ontario Museum > Arms & Armor
"Plastron de fantassin  
Italie, vers 1520.  La braconnière qui couvre le bassin et les tassettes qui protègent les cuisses sont les restaurations modernes." ...

​Arlington Museum of Art > A Knight's Tale *
"Corselet of Infantryman with Helmet  
German manufacture (Nuremberg)  
Late 16th-early 17th centuries  
Steel, leather, linen, silk
This type of black and white corselet, known for its elongated tassets of articulated lames, was typical of the German Landsknechts. These mercenary soldiers had a formidable reputation and were an important military force in Europe through the late 1400s and 1500s. The black paint was utilized for both decoration and conservation purposes."

* Royal Ontario Museum > Arms & Armor
"Colletin de maille (<<camail d'évêque>>)
Allemagne, début du XVIe siècle ...
Un large coll [sic] de mailles qui protégeait le cou et les épaules faisait partie de l'armure des lansquenets."

​* Arlington Museum of Art > A Knight's Tale
"Burgonet with Three Crests  German manufacture  Mid 16th century  Steel, leather, linen, silk
This burgonet, simply made with three crests or combs, has a fabric covering with decorations typical of German Landsknecht attire.  Although used primarily by infantry in the 1500s, examples of high rank can also be found."

Medieval Armour Mart *
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