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>Costume Studies
>>1470 Venetian infantry
Subject: infantry
Culture: Venetian
Setting: maritime empire, Aegean mid-late 15thc
Evolution1380 Venetian cavaliero > 1470 Venetian heavy infantry

Context (Event Photos, Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Field Notes)



* Nicolle/Embleton 1983 p38 (reconstructing a Venetian heavy infantryman, late 15thc)
"Heavily armoured soldiers had a vital role, both at sea and on the land, in the armies of Venice.  This man's equipment is strictly European, though the turban round his helmet probably reflects current Venetian orientalized fashions.  His helmet is also unusual in having a long curved nasal.  He carries a typically large infantry shield and wields a long-hafted war-hammer designed to penetrate armour.  He also wears a brigandine, a very flexible version of the coat-of-plates, over his mail hauberk." ...