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>>1380 Venetian cavaliere
Subjectcavaliere knight
Culture: Venetian
Setting: Genoan wars, Italy/Mediterranean 14thc
Object: armor

* Metropolitan Museum of Art > Stone Gallery of Arms and Armor
Italian, about 1350-1400
This is a rare example of a bascinet with a faceted bowl.  The sides and rear of the helmet were originally longer; but their lower edges have been trimmed away, perhaps because of damage or to suit the taste of a later owner."

​* Metropolitan Museum of Art > Stone Gallery of Arms and Armor
Steel, brass textile
Italian, aboaut 1400 and later
​This armor was assembled and restored in the 1920s, using elements mostly from Chalcis ....  The purpose was to present a full armor of the style worn about 1400, a period from which no complete armors survive.  Distinctive features are the early form of brigandine (a torso defense constructed of numerous overlapping plates riveted inside a doublet) with two large breast halves and brass borders at the edges of the exposed plates.  Portions of the brass at the top edge of the left cuisse (thigh defense), the lower edges of the right greave (lower leg defense), and the visor are genuine; the remainder is restored.  The helmet, a visored bascinet, is associated.  The velvet covering of the brigandine is modern." ...