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>Costume Studies
>>1296 Plantagenet knight
Subject: knight
Culture: Plantagenet English
Setting: Welsh, Scottish wars, Britain 1255-1328
Object: armor

* Higgins Armory Museum > Great Hall > Combat Wing
"Armored knight, 1290
Very little medieval armor has survived.  This figure wears reproduction artifacts to represent a knight around the end of the Crusades, just before the development of plate armor.
"Over a padded undergarment, a well-armed knight wore a mail coat and mail leggings.  A cloth 'surcoat' covered the mail.  The knight might wear a heavily protective 'barrel' helm like this one, or he could choose a lighter, more open helmet for easier vision and breathing.  The left side of his body is further protected by a wooden shield covered in leather.
"The knight holds a wooden lance in his right hand as his primary weapon for delivering attacks at the charge.  The sword slung at his waist serves as a backup sidearm."